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Big Horn Haflinger Saddle
Trail and pleasure saddle specifically designed for Haflingers and draft crosses. Wide 7 1/2 inch gullet, fiberglass covered wood tree, 16 inch padded seat, double dropped dee stainless ...
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Big Horn Infinity Trail Saddle
Big Horn flex tree with Gaited Horse bars, patented Sil-Cush foam technology gives maximum protection to horse and rider. Sil-Cush panels mold to horse's back distributing pressure evenly and ...
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Big Horn Excursion Endurance Saddle
Big Horn Sil-Cush flex tree endurance saddle. Equifit flex tree, endurance style bars, extra soft padded 16 inch seat, 5 inch cantle, patented breathable silicone foam technology gives ...
Western Saddles | 3188 Views | Out of Stock
Big Horn Arabian Saddle
Big Horn cordura saddle with Arabian bars, fiberglass covered wood tree, 15 1/2 inch smooth padded seat, 4 inch cantle, silver conchos, 20lbs. #116
Also #115 which is same saddle but ...
Western Saddles | 2988 Views | Only 1 Remaining!
Big Horn Flat Top Line Saddle
Big Horn cordura saddle for the "flat top line" horses including mules, draft horses, and draft crosses that have less defined withers and flatter, straighter, back. Fiberglass covered wood ...
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Hooflex* All Natural Dressing
All Natural Dressing does not use artificial chemicals or dyes. It’s the first all-natural alternative made with ingredients known to help promote shiny, healthy hooves. Promotes healthy hooves with tea ...
Health and Wellness | 2589 Views
Hooflex* Liquid Conditioner
Hooflex Liquid Conditioner creates a breathable barrier of mineral oil and neatsfoot oil to promote proper moisture balance in the hoof. The active ingredients condition the coronary band, hoof wall, ...
Health and Wellness | 2238 Views
Schreiners Herbal Solution 4oz. Bottle
Schreiners Herbal Solution is a simple, safe, and effective topical herbal application for horses and live stock. Recommended by veterinarians for over 20 years. Promotes healing in open wounds, post ...
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Leather New 16 oz.
Leather New is a self-polishing sadle soap that cleans and polishes in one easy step. Cleans, softens, and preserves the color and texture of leather, then dries to a long-lasting, ...
Leather Care | 2268 Views
Pure Neatsfoot Oil (16 oz)
Pure Neatsfoot Oil is a preservative and softener for dressing all leather products.
Leather Care | 2423 Views
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