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Western Tack

Reins, Headstalls, Breast Collars, and Cinches

SMX Neoprene ROPER Cinch
The all-way stretch, waffle-patterned neoprene is non-slip and acts like a second skin, gripping and moving with the horse during performance. Wider center design equalizes pressure over a larger girth ...
Western Tack | 2281 Views | Currently Unavailable
Mohair Blend 27 Strand ROPER Smart Cinch
Featuring the patented Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle, the Smart Cinch® makes it easy to humanely cinch up your horse more securely the first time, every time! Unlike a conventional cinch ...
Western Tack | 2581 Views | Currently Unavailable
Indian Hackamore Bosal
8 plait Rawhide Indian Hackamore Bosal. Ready for installation on your headstall. Great for horses with mouth issues, head tossing problems and general resistance to a bit! The ...
Western Tack | 13280 Views | Currently Unavailable
Wild West* Rawhide Bosal
16 Plait 5/8" Rawhide Bosal
Western Tack | 2504 Views | Currently Unavailable
Wild West* Bosal
16 Plait 5/8" Special K&S Bosal. Two different settings. Great to use on Arabians or wide brow horses.
Western Tack | 2055 Views | Currently Unavailable
Mohair Mecate Reins 1/2
Assorted Designs with Horse hair tassel and leather popper. 8 strand X 22"
Western Tack | 2183 Views | Only 2 Remaining!
Diamond Wool Pressure Release Pads
After an energetic ride you may notice an unequal sweat pattern. This could indicate there is an area where the saddle is not equally distributing the weight, causing unequal pressure ...
Western Tack | 1917 Views | Currently Unavailable
K & S Custom Leather Reins
Hand-made leather reins with popper or horse hair ends. Scissor Snaps
Made to order
Price according to length/design/hardware
Western Tack | 1911 Views | Currently Unavailable
K & S Custom Reins
Hand-Made Gaming Reins
Made from a poly rope
7.5' Long with scissor snaps
Western Tack | 2057 Views
Pioneer Green Ostrich Headstall
Doubled and stitched, light oil flare brow headstall with green ostrich print.
Western Tack | 2137 Views | Currently Unavailable