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Packing saddles and accessories

This versatile packing system can be used on a sawbuck, decker, or western riding saddle. Plus the panniers are detachable so they can be packed, loaded, and weighed individually. Three ...
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Pannier Box Set
The contoured side of these panniers allow them to rest against the animal's side without creating a pressure point. Made to carry average loads on average pack animals, the HorsePac ...
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Trail Max* Top Pack
The top packs have a water resistant nylon lining on the top inside, providing a barrier between the elements and your duffle. Made from 1,000 denier nylon tie-down straps. Color> ...
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Trail Max* Guardian Rifle Scabbard
The TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard completely encloses a scoped sporting rifle, whic his encased in high density, waterproof foam and shielded by a tough weatherproof shell. The Guardian accomodates up ...
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Trail Max* Rifle Scabbbard
TrailMax scabbards are designed to be functional, good looking and durable. The TrailMax Rifle Scabbard is no exception. Extremely tough, vinyl-coated outer fabric is lined with felt. It features a ...
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Neoprene Hobbles: 2-Leg
These best-selling 2-leg hobbles incorporate 2.75" replaceable neoprene pads attached to 2" webbing with buckle closures and 2.5" diameter nickel-plated steel rings. Connecting strap is 4 inches of 2-ply webbing. ...
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Neoprene Hobbles: 3-Leg
Do you have a horse or mule that has figured out how to bunny hop back to the trailhead in two-leg hobbles? Three-leg hobbles can help keep him in camp. ...
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Neoprene Picket Hobble
Neoprene has virtually eliminated many of the soring and chafing problems that have plagued horsemen over the years. This popular picket hobble incorporates a 2.75" replaceable neoprene pad attached to ...
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Harness Leather and Chain 2 Leg Hobble
Made from top quality 1.75" harness leather with a lining of 2.25" rolled-edge chap leather and roller buckle closure. Nickel-plated steel ring. Connection chain is 8" long. Color: Natural oil.
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K & S Buckle-less Hobbles
Custom made buckle-less hobbles.
Can be used as:
Picket hobble, standing hobble, grazing hobble, and/or 3 legged hobble
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