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Packing saddles and accessories

Pannier Box Set
The contoured side of these panniers allow them to rest against the animal's side without creating a pressure point. Made to carry average loads on average pack animals, the HorsePac ...
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Trail Max* Guardian Rifle Scabbard
The TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard completely encloses a scoped sporting rifle, whic his encased in high density, waterproof foam and shielded by a tough weatherproof shell. The Guardian accomodates up ...
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Neoprene Hobbles: 2-Leg
These best-selling 2-leg hobbles incorporate 2.75" replaceable neoprene pads attached to 2" webbing with buckle closures and 2.5" diameter nickel-plated steel rings. Connecting strap is 4 inches of 2-ply webbing. ...
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Neoprene Hobbles: 3-Leg
Do you have a horse or mule that has figured out how to bunny hop back to the trailhead in two-leg hobbles? Three-leg hobbles can help keep him in camp. ...
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Neoprene Picket Hobble
Neoprene has virtually eliminated many of the soring and chafing problems that have plagued horsemen over the years. This popular picket hobble incorporates a 2.75" replaceable neoprene pad attached to ...
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Harness Leather and Chain 2 Leg Hobble
Made from top quality 1.75" harness leather with a lining of 2.25" rolled-edge chap leather and roller buckle closure. Nickel-plated steel ring. Connection chain is 8" long. Color: Natural oil.
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K & S Buckle-less Hobbles
Custom made buckle-less hobbles.
Can be used as:
Picket hobble, standing hobble, grazing hobble, and/or 3 legged hobble
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K & S custom Loppers with Leather Scabbard
Short and Long loppers with top grain leather scabbard
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Diamond Wool Pack Pad
Pack pads made with 1” Wool felt covered with a closely quilted cotton canvas top. Also available with a slit in the gullet for those extra long rides or as ...
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Custom Made Pack Saddles or Rebuild Pack Saddles
Decker or sawbuck saddle trees. All brass or stainless steel hardware. Rolled leather breast strap and britchen. All roller buckles not conway buckles.
All deluxe harness leather or what ever else ...
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